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crazzywolfie's 81 ram

Started by crazzywolfie, August 13, 2012, 10:59:42 pm

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but the don't squeal in mud. i almost think the truck would be able to do a burnout with nothing in the back of it. took it accross the scales and with just me in it, it only weighed a whole 4100lbs and the truck could probably loose a few more lbs if i clean it out.


so anyone know much about building dump beds? after doing some of the work i was last week i have been thinking about making a drop in dump insert for my truck. anyone possibly got any tips? i though about going the lazy and cheap way but that would only get me about 10* of slope when dumping which is really not great so i figure i need some sort of scissor setup to get a bit more slope. i have googled it a bit and looked at enough pictures of them that i think i know what i need to built and how to build it but any tips or tricks are welcome. since i have never built something quite like this before it will be a learning experience. i might even see about building a test setup out of wood to make sure the angle will work before building the frames out of metal. i think it would definitely be pretty cool if i could get it to work.


Sounds like a cool project

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got to love breaking old parts. going to attempt to make my own throttle cable for this thing. the old one finally snapped the other day. lucky for me i was only around the corner from home so i was able to idle it home with a bit of a bump to the idle speed. it looks like the end might have just popped off but the hard to say with how frayed the end was. other than that the cable looks mint. i thought i had another one from when i carbed my 91 but as of right now it is nowhere to be found. i may end up ordering a new cable eventually but it would be nice if the cable i make works. i have been watching video's on youtube on how to add ends to cables and it looks pretty easy to me. i guess we will see. trying to save as much money as i can until i get a new job.


I had a 71 Charger way back when that had a throttle cable get jammed at WOT. Wild ride home standing on the brake for a couple of miles.
"You may all go to Hell and I will go to Texas" - Davy Crocket
"You may all go to Hell and I will go to Texas" - Davy Crocket


i don't think that will happen. for me i see the worst case scenario as the end coming off the cable again and me being stuck without throttle again. i am pretty sure i will come accross my other throttle cable eventually. i have been trying to clean up lately so i am bound to come accross it eventually.


so far my home made throttle cable has been doing the job good and i have been beating on it quite a bit lately. almost wish i had a LSD so that i would be leaving more than 1 line at a time at the bottom of the street lol.

now that summer is around been driving my truck more and have been having a few more issues. there is something funky going on with the charging system lately. i think it is either a bad voltage regulator or a bad ground. either way it is annoying. it will sometimes charge properly or sometimes run at about 16 or more volts. i even had all 3 of my radio fuses pop yesterday. not sure if it was related or no but it is a pretty good coincident.

also been vehicle shopping lately and i got to say it is hard to find a solid first gen. i was looking at a ramcharger this morning and it was in better shape than mine in some ways but worse in others. it even had a factory bench seat which i personally though was a cool option but not cool enough for me to pay what he was asking. i might have found a decent short bed that looks solid but there is no ownership for it and it needs a bit of work but is a solid truck especially for what he is asking. i am going to try and look into getting an ownership for it or at least find out who legally owns it and see if they would be willing to get me a new ownership for it. my dad is going to get a new car package for it on Monday which should give us the trucks history and tell us who owns it. also while looking at the ramcharger this morning we went and checked out a local auto recycler and i came across some new dodge floor mats for my 81. they don't match the ones in my 93 but for $5 i wasn't going to turn them down they clean up nice. i also got another dodge and ford ones for another $5. i gave the ford one to my dad since i know he needed it plus i figure i owed hims something for dragging him to check a rusted out ramcharger with me.


<p>well i figure i would share. finally decided to spend some serious money my my truck and bought fuel injection for it. other than the inline fuel pump that came with it crapping out less than 3 days after install and a bit of hesitation here and there it seems like it is running pretty good. definitely a lot nicer to run on the highways than it was with the carb. there is still sometimes a bit of hesitation off the line but for the most part it does pretty good. definitely seems like it might be better on fuel since the upgrade but hard to tell with how short i have had the system and really not sure how accurate the temporary fuel gauge is. got to wait til i get the new in tank pumps before i can start getting a real idea what type of fuel mileage i am getting. definitely not going to waste my time messing with a inline pump ever again. good thing i am learning this on my truck. would have sucked if i bought this for the elcamino and had such issues. would have also saved a bit of money if i ordered the kit without the pump and everything. oh well live and learn.&nbsp;</p>