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have slant six, want small block

Started by workgoats, August 08, 2016, 08:41:33 pm

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Y'all should remember Nick.  He came with me a number of times to Hidden Falls.  He supplied the pipe the fire pits were made with.  He has just bought an 80 something short bed 2x truck with a good running slant six and auto tranny.  He wants to replace it with a small block of any size and a transmission to match.  Anyone got a spare small block?  Anyone interested in a slant six?  Nick lives in Iola, works in a gas plant in Crockett and has time to travel to pick up and deliver.


Well, Nick got a small block and transmission today for basically nothing from a cousin.  Guy has more cousins than Carter's has pills.  Hold up your hand if you know that that means.  Most anyone that does will need someone to help them hold up their arm.

Looks likes there is still a slant six and transmission if anyone is interested...