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NON-DODGE SPECIFIC Diagnostic manuals

Started by DODGEBOYS, February 24, 2013, 04:41:16 am

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February 24, 2013, 04:41:16 am Last Edit: March 13, 2013, 12:45:16 am by DODGEBOYS
this is MITCHELL On-Demand service manuals and cover either

1983 to 1992
1993 to 2001

they cover ALL Chrysler vehicals including jeep

this CD manual is better than a Haynes or Chiltons but NOT as good as a REAL Factory Service Manual

this is a LEGAL copy and comes with a serial number and installation CD with instructions

PRICE / is $ 15.00  delivered right to your door for any ONE of the year spans

you can buy both year spans on two CD,s for $25.00

SHIPPING / is included in the price 

l Prefer a bank or postal money order but  l will take www.paypal.com

ATTENTION / your PAYPAL hasta be setup with a checking account / l can not take Credit or Debit card payments

buy has to agree to pay ALL paypal fee,s

l can be reached at dodgeboysnet@hotmail.com
Please put the item your interested in the title of the email
MOPAR TO YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lets see how much trouble we can get in with RCC


February 24, 2013, 04:47:13 am #1 Last Edit: February 24, 2013, 05:04:51 am by DODGEBOYS
this is a complete diagnostics and theroy of how all fuel injection systems work / single point [throttle body] and multi-point systems / plus how each sensor works and howto diagnose them / this is a FREE download and you hafta email me to get it / its a a 8 Meg download


pending " s eor " preview of the above material to see if its worth distributing to members / you,ll hafta wait till he gives his opinion on the subject before l give it out to members

A good read for those willing to take the time to learn their electronic systems.

Tired of other people talking in what seems like a foreign language when it comes to your truck? Read the book.
Would you like to be able to tell other people in the same foreign language about their truck? Impressive bar trick, amaze your friends with your new technical prowess.

It is a little "deep", but try to keep up. I checked on amazon, book would cost a professional $100, making free a great deal.

I have hosted it online, so no need to clog your inbox.

Covering electronic systems such as ABS, EFI, spark, diesel, various emissions systems, egr, MIL codes, TOOLS, sensors, security systems...

Some of it may be "way over my head" or "I don't do that kind of work to my car". None the less, you may learn some important questions to ask your mechanic when he tries to start shot gunning and replacing random parts. He may be completely caught off guard when you speak of long term fuel trim, o2 sensor switching rate, voltage drop, ect ect.

If Deano doesn't want this linked, can delete my post.


(PM me if it doesn't download/SELECT SAVE NOT OPEN)

Gotta give Deano a big thanks for this one. {cool}

well come and get it / you can either do the direct download above from JOE or if you want l have it stored on hotmail and can email it to you as long as your mail server can handle 8 megs

thanks JOE

Thanks you guys this is the type of thing I love to read.

Thanks Deano...that is beyond totally awesome.  8)

Thank you Dean

anybody interested in electronics systems,a better understanding is always useful in troubleshooting faults.too bad some of those tools are european or expensive like the oscilliscope.
just skimmong it over,it is a good read,very similar to some of the training manuals i have read.

Thanks to both of you guys......

Quote from: offroader_dodge on April 25, 2010, 09:31:37 PM

    too bad some of those tools are european or expensive like the oscilliscope.

I agree, things like scopes are probably too expensive (unless you find a ebay/craigslist still on an old mt2400 vantage scope ;))

That does NOT mean you need to glaze your eyes over in this section though.  {dont}

If you read and find out what kind of waveform would be expected for your type of sensor, you can still speak with your mechanic, to find out if he even used a scope, what the patterns look like, ect ect.

You will find many may not even get that tool out of it's carry-case. With a new understanding, you can be the parts-changers worst nightmare, challenging all of his suspicious diagnosis.

l also agree that some of the stuff is way over the head of most people / but now a days most parts stores offer free code reading / and with the code and a half way understanding of its meaning and a OHM meter with the download above most can fix there own vehicle

l have the snap-on sensor scope and very rarely use it / because in my case l know what fails on which particular vehicle / when l do use it / its on some EURO trash beamer or benz that the sensor is a HIGH dollar item and l cant afford to be wrong / 90% of the time an OHM meter does the trick / plus to get on JOE,S band wagon of checking powers and grounds go,s a long way to fixing a vehicle

Quote from: DODGEBOYS on April 26, 2010, 06:08:31 AM

    the sensor is a HIGH dollar item and l cant afford to be wrong / plus to get on JOE,S band wagon of checking powers and grounds go,s a long way to fixing a vehicle

This is my approach to my own dodges. Sure dodge parts are cheaper (I own[ed] both MB and bimmer as well) but even with a dodge, I cannot afford even 1 mistake. If I spend $50 or $70 on a sensor that does not fix my problem, I could go broke within 2 or 3 guesses lmao.

If I was a professional, I would be tempted to take a guess. Why? I wouldn't get paid beyond the 1st hour of troubleshooting, and the more parts I install, the more money I get paid. Of course, even for a professional, the nightmare "comeback" could make those shortcuts costly.

Some may not know this, but even parts counter people have found a way to profit off your misfortunes. Most do not have quotas or commission, but many autozone counter guys do make $$$ off your purchases by scanning your purchase to their own personal autozone card taped to the backside of the counter/cash register. They then get free parts to sell "on the side", so are motivated to sometimes push unneeded parts. Not to mention others who feel it makes them look like an expert to be able to spout off a part name automatically. Car stalls out? Oh ya that's your egr valve and alternator.  ::)

As an amateur that has a major beef with the repair industry as a whole, I think diy'ers need to step up the game.
MOPAR TO YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lets see how much trouble we can get in with RCC