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1972 to 1993 steering shaft repair TSB

Started by DODGEBOYS, March 19, 2013, 03:45:30 pm

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Date: Apr. 16, 1993

Models: 1979-1993 (AD) Ram Pickup/Ram Cab Chassis/Ramcharger


A new repair package with a revised boot design has been developed to service the steering coupler on the intermediate steering column. If the steering coupler requires service, the new repair package should be used.

Parts Required:

1 Repair Package - Steering Coupler 4740761

Repair Procedure:

This bulletin involves release of a new repair package for the steering coupler with a revised boot design.

1.    Remove and discard the existing cover and seal.

2.    Disassemble the coupler and inspect the shoes, shoe retaining spring, internal bearing surfaces of the coupler body, and the shaft pin for evidence of wear. Replace any worn components.

3.    Fill the coupler body 1/2 full with Multipurpose Grease, NGLI Grade 2 EP, such as MOPAR P/N 4318062 or equivalent.

4.    Place the boot and clamp on the shaft.

5.    Press the shoe pin onto the steering shaft so that it projects equal distance on the shaft.

6.    Place the spring on the side of the shaft, straddling the shoo pin.

7.    Place the shoes on the pin ends with the flat side towards the spring, engaging the tangs.

8.    Squeeze the shoes together, compressing the spring, and push the assembly into the coupler body with the master spline on the upper shaft.

9.    Drive in the NEW dowel pin flush with the outer surface of the coupler body.

10.   Position the boot on the body and install the clamps on both ends. Be sure that the contact surfaces are free of grease.

11.  Work the shaft in and out several times to distribute the grease in the assembly.
MOPAR TO YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lets see how much trouble we can get in with RCC

The War Wagon

Not that I might not take the old shaft and steering gearbox, and try & rebuild 'em - just for the exercise - but is there a height and/or tire size, at which you'd recommend replacing the stock units?

I'm going wih both the Borgeson gearbox AND the Borgeson HD steering shaft in my build; 4 1/2" lift with 35's, for reference.
Restoring/building a War Wagon - good advice ALWAYS welcome!


I have always thought the gear boxes were sufficient but I have never run bigger than 33s in a Dodge.  I have had a number of trucks that lost the rag joints and in the last few trucks I have exchanged real u-joint shafts for the rag joints, regardless of the tire size or lift.