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Ruff Stuff promo codes

Started by SixGun, November 03, 2014, 05:05:38 am

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Ruff Stuff makes some heavy duty stuff. A lot of our group also seems to own Jeeps, which is their specialty.  They make some tough armored diff covers too. Spring for the bolt kit if you do, its worth the few extra bucks imo.

Anyways, this code is only good through today but they send them to me frequently. I'll post the latest and greatest when I get them. This one is special since it is 20%.

PUMPKIN  exp 11/3/2014

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I've bought a good bit from them. Tabs, Brackets, Diff Covers, Limiting straps. Etc etc

They are great company with excellent customer service.


I like some of there stuff as well. I plan to get there XJ frame stiffener for the middle of my cherokee frame. I bought my rear frame stiffeners from H.D. Offroad Engineering and the two pieces are sitting in storage for now..lol Need to buy the front also. H.D.E. also makes a bolt on XJ shackle relocation bracket kit that is on the to do list. I'm going to cut out the floor in the cargo area of my XJ. Drop in the gas tank skid and then the gas tank. Make a top piece to clamshell the tank and raise my filler hose up. Will have a high clearance rear end then. I can then use the shackle relocation kit and stretch my wheelbase out in the rear without fear of the axle catching the gas tank.
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You could do like me and replace the tank with a 35 gallon RC tank above the floor.  Be sure and use one that leaks....


Heres a new promo code.  22.5% discount till 12/1/14.

DEARWIFE is the code.

Happy shopping!  :hello:
"You may all go to Hell and I will go to Texas" - Davy Crocket