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I am so ready for Ram Jam

Started by Toyradio, July 25, 2013, 02:46:52 pm

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Anyone else pumped about this. I have my RamJam funds stuck back. Sold the old Ford to finance a few things. I am so looking forward to our trip. :dance: Wish some of the old school guys could show up. Jamie, Sam, Will, Brian, Tugboat, and of course Ms. T. I am so ready to visit with everyone, thrash our rigs, eat some flesh and have a few adult beverages.


I'd luv to get down there but too many commitments and $$ say otherwise. Hope you guys take lots of pics & video.


My bud Shorty will be there with his Suzuki as well. James is supposed to have his truck and his lady friend there too. Not sure what I'm bringing yet, but I will be there.