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Cold air intake for an RC?

Started by The War Wagon, July 26, 2013, 01:56:22 am

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The War Wagon

I know nobody actually MAKES one for RC's, BUT...

... has anyone played around with retrofitting one to THEIR rig?  Especially to the '92 - '93 Magnum models?

I know K&N makes a kit for late '90's model Dakota's.  Has anyone tried to fit it to an RC... with SUCCESS?

Or has anyone just snaked a hose off the air cleaner, over to an opening in the core support?  I'm cheap - I'd give THAT a try!  :tongue3:
Restoring/building a War Wagon - good advice ALWAYS welcome!


I have one on my 2000, but I have not got to the point to try one on the 92 magnum or 93 magnum.

I would keep an eye out on cl or ebay for a cheap used one for a 94-2001 magnum truck, from there you could add tube to extend it as needed.
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