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Houston Live Stock show...

Started by workgoats, February 03, 2014, 04:19:48 pm

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Probably a better place to post this, but what the heck...

Wednesday, March 12th, my 11 year old grand-daughter will be riding barrels in the Paint Horse and Quarter Horse events at the Houston Livestock Show.  It's in the middle of our spring break and I'll be taking off a few days for this.

This kind of event is quite different than what you see at the rodeos but these young girls will be the ones riding in the big rodeos in a few years.  The girls in the rodeos are not much better, maybe a half second or so, and they will be watching these girls too.

Last competition she went to was just over 500 riders running barrels in one day...

By the way, this is Georgia.  She has been with us to General Sam's a couple of times.  Some of you will remember her.


Wow, Thats quite the accomplishment for a 11 year old. I figured getting into barrell racing was high school level and up. Congrats!