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Intake spacers? Jewel, or Junk?

Started by The War Wagon, March 15, 2014, 09:33:22 AM

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The War Wagon

I've read a lot of pro & con, which also varies a lot from engine to engine.

Anyone know whether they work in our MAGNUM RC's ('92 & '93), and whether they produce results, or wishful thinking?

My local Autozone actually HAS one in stock for around $50 - wasn't sure if that would be a fitty well spent is all...
Restoring/building a War Wagon - good advice ALWAYS welcome!


from what i have ready they are junk on MPFI engines. they are mainly for TBI and carbed engines unless for some reason you need to lift your TB.


I agree, junk on MPFI and the magnums.

not that I don't see them all the time... heck I might have one in the garage still that I took off a truck I bought. you can have for shipping lol
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The spacers were an old drag racer trick to keep your carb a bit cooler by separating your carb from the hot intake. helped with hot starts and kept the fuel just a bit cooler. Some of the old fellers used plywood lol then it went to plastic and alum.  I can see it working for carbs to keep the heat from transfering to the bowls but dont see how it can help with the MPFI or TB's
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