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Spring Wheeling

Started by Toyradio, August 31, 2014, 02:55:56 am

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I know this may be a bit early to talk about.....but I have to plan early. Do we have any ideas about wheeling in the spring of 2015. :017: Like so many of us I am not into strickly mudding. I do like the trail riding and not so much into rock crawling. What do you think?


Depending on when in the Spring my truck engine will be done right. About mid April will have the funds to make that happen. I've been trying to adjust the timing and the mark seems to be jumping all over the place like the chain is stretched although it's suppose to be new, oil leak from pan or higher not sure also has a slight tick at the bottom of engine. The place that did my Cherokee 4.0 did a great job on it. I've had nerry a tick or clunk or drip of oil or any problems with it. I've gotten on the 4.0 hard a few times and have about 35000 on the rebuilt engine. Still going strong. That engine place is who i should have let do my 5.9 alongggg time ago.
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