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98 ram 4wd control arm measurements

Started by Dracen, February 03, 2016, 02:30:00 PM

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well I'm looking at doing a complete custom one off front suspension system for my 98 ram 4wd but I can't have it down for more than a day or two as it's my daily driver. anyway anyone out that has a set of factory control arms out of a 94-99 ram 1500-2500 or 3500. I could use measurements of the size of the bushings. I'm thinking about using the poly version of the bushings to make my new control arms as it's not much of an off road truck any more because there isn't any place close by to go. But I want it to be able to and for the money I think they will work just fine. Later on I might end up going to full hiem joints if I can but for now I'm sticking with poly bushings. and don't have any in hand to at least start planning further.

For now I'm hoping to make a set of long arms so that later if I ever get the funds I can do my dream setup of long travel coilovers.... But I do also plan on pushing the front axle forwards a little as I'm already running bigger tires (35" mickey tompson MTZ) for now but looking at running 37" with beadlocks in the next year or so.

That reminds me I need to update the projects thread with new info and pics... I'll try to do that later today or soon at least.