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Short tailshaft 727

Started by underdogrow, August 27, 2015, 07:53:15 pm

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I'm swapping a 318 for 360, problem lies with the trans crossmember, drive shaft,  and differential.   From what I've read this particular 727 has a bolt on yoke won't allow enough play between the transmission and differential.   The truck is a long bed.   Do I need a two piece drive shaft?  Can I install a slip yoke without a costly trip to the transmission shop?

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yes you will likely need a 2 piece driveshaft with a carrier bearing. You will have to take a measurement and call a driveshaft shop to know for sure though  :thumbsup:

If you need to change the transmission to a slip yoke output the transmission should be rebuilt and modified with the correct tailhousing and output shaft by a reputable transmission repair shop  :great:
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Maybe I am a step behind here.. but why would swapping the 318 to the 360 out cause an issue with where the transmission lines up?

I have done this before and its not been a problem.
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Only difference should be just the counterweight on the torque converter right??
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If you do have any issues I've got a 727 on the 2wd with a 360, trannys shot but could be it has the shaft and tail piece and correct crossmember, if there's a difference

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