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Welcome back Carter

Started by SixGun, June 06, 2014, 06:21:30 pm

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that sucks. maybe you can pull it out. i don't think anyone sells patch panels for that. you would almost need to find another ramcharger to cut that off for a patch.


sure they do... I had some at one point in time.. ended up selling them to jungle. its the upper parts that you can't patch.
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So I was looking for a couple of rollers for the 76 since it had a flat tire.  3 of the 4 original tires have already shit the bed so I wanted to put some "newer" tires to roll around on.  I had a couple that I took off Carter. I replaced them since one was deformed. I hadn't noticed it but Noah did.  I marked it with red paint. When I dug it out this is what I found. It wasn't even in a hot storage shed. It was in the garage. Good thing I wasn't on the road with it.  Good catch Noah!!
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