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Parting out 99 dodge ram 1500 2wd

Started by Dracen, February 03, 2016, 09:12:41 am

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well as the title says I'm parting out my parts truck as that is what I got it for. The motor is going in my 98 for now so I can rebuild my stock motor. The trans is no go.  The hood, fenders, doors and all are pretty much just extras in case I mess mine up. bed and rear axle are more than likely going to go into a truck bed trailer as I kind of need the cash for another item I'm in in major need for... LOL well all the wiring and small parts are up for grabs if you need something let me know... I pulled every nut and bolt out of the full truck the fuel tank all lines and wires everything... now the dash was toast when I got the truck and I already had someone claim the headlights as they hit a deer last month.

anyway let me know if you need anything... as I'll at least look...  mostly looking for shipping to be covered on most anything. Just hate to see  anyone  pay high prices for something I have sitting here.

But I am looking for a spare set of  control arms for my 98 4wd. so I figure out how I'm going to do my custom ones while my truck stays on the road then place the new ones in and I can return the factory ones if wanted. Heck I think even measurements would work work for me.

anyway let me know if you need any wiring, sensors or the likes I'll see what I have. maybe even a few small body panels if I still have the rest of the cab...