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Hidden Falls in October

Started by workgoats, September 15, 2012, 06:59:41 AM

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I see you had the same problem I did when I blew them up full size.  Real fuzzy.  Those were cell phone videos.  Did you like how Ryan ended up pushing the rock out of the way and I still hit it.  LOL  That trail seemed to get thinner and thinner the further we went.  When I cleaned all the mud off a couple days ago there was of course the passenger door scratch we knew about and the rear bumper scraped a rock on the pass side and then the rear view mirror bracket was bent on the driver side from pushing against that tree all from that trail.  I remember all along that trail were vehicle parts.  Made me a little nervous but it ended up being a lot of fun.  Wish we had caught the one handed push though - that was funny. 

I'd do it again but with a spotter guiding me in those tight spots.  I couldn't see the pass. side and it showed.   :laughing7:  Ryan are you up for it in your new rig?? 
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that was definitely a tight fit. i think for a v6 it looks like fun.


once the new rig is ready, heck yeah... it needs a few new dents from me  :headbang:
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