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91 RAMM'D 150

Started by SixGun, September 25, 2012, 02:27:47 pm

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lol. if you can take the plastic part of the grille out you can manually unlatch the hood. i know that how i use to do it with my 91. stick hand through grill and manually release. saved me from having to get the keys and unlock the truck just to pop the hood. i also think there only held in by plastic rivets or a couple screws. nothing to hard to deal with.


who ??? me??? big block?? what is this thing you speak of? :laughing4:
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Quote from: SixGun on October 30, 2012, 07:06:53 pm
I wanted to pry that sucker open but there was an unmolested brush guard blocking it.

Got a picture of the brush guard? I want something for the new trail rig, probably going to end up doing a custom bumper
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October 31, 2012, 01:38:25 pm #18 Last Edit: November 01, 2012, 06:28:38 am by SixGun
It is that old style brush guard.  Not too pretty.  It looks to be aluminum cross hatch like the covers for screen doors with 2 vertical bumper guards.   Nice back in the day maybe.   You can't stick your hand through it.  I would have to unbolt the whole thing to pop the hood.  Had matching running boards.
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Quote from: SixGun on October 30, 2012, 02:03:01 pm
I wish I could find some big block brackets for that price for the RC.  They are over a $100 online.  Anyone got some??

I've also got the bb truck oilpan and pickup if you are in need of those items as well.
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Thanks Big Daddy, but I already bought the Mopar set with the 6 qt rear sump oil pan, dipstick, pickup and windage tray. Definately appreciate the offer.
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I found the hubs.  They both work but I ended up short one of the snap rings.  If the original hubs were retained with a snap ring then you don't need anything.  Also, I'll dig back to the bottom of the barrel and see if the snap ring is laying in the bottom.

They are Warn hubs.  I bought them new and there should be no problems.


Thank you Ron.   :thumbsup:

What is it that you are looking for at Pic-n-pull?
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It was a nice cool day for a 570 mile cruise.  Took the truck up to Dallas to see Ryan about a motor yesterday.  It's a 91 TBI 318 with all accessories, wiring harness and computer.  Ryan even through in some magnum exhaust manifolds and a host of other goodies.  This motor will replace the V6 and turn this lil gem into a tow rig for the 76 RC someday.  Probably looking at January since it will be a slow period at work after Christmas.  In the meantime it will be clean and prep for the swap.  :brushteeth:  Thanks again Ryan!!!

Interesting side note.  On the way home, I came speeding up behind a very clean 67 Barracuda notchback on a trailer.   Later on we pulled off to eat some BBQ but with all the construction going on we couldn't get to the other side  of the freeway and got back on the freeway and continued on.  We pulled off to fill up and lo and behold there was this Barracuda at the gas station.  I had Yolanda snap a few pics and I went to talk with him.  A real nice guy and come to find out this was his first Mopar and he was just coming home from picking it up in Iowa.  It was as beautiful inside as out with only 44K original miles on the odometer.  It was a slant six but in a small bodied coupe it should be a screamer.  Here's a few pics.  Unfortunately, it was just getting dark but you can see it was real nice.
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thats pretty cool. have you ever checked out what trans you have in your truck? only reason i ask is if your 91 was built like mine it will have the weaker 32RH instead of a 36RH(727) or a 46RH. i don't know if it stand up to the power of a v8 towing a beast like you are building.


It has the A999 which is a medium duty transmission.  It has lower 1st and 2nd gears and 5 friction plates.  It also was used on some V8's.

This is from Wikipedia,

""The A999 (later 32RH) was a heavier-duty, wide-ratio version of the small-frame A904 transmission for use with medium-power V8 engines and the 3.9 L V6 engine.

The 999 was equipped with five direct friction plates.

These automatics had lower first and second gear ratios to allow the lower-powered engines to provide better acceleration without sacrificing highway fuel economy."

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ya. but i don't know if hauling a ramcharger on a trailer would be medium duty work.


hmmm...hauling a Dakota = light duty, hauling a RamCharger = medium duty, and hauling a Cummins Dually = heavy duty.   :dontknow:
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It was nice seeing you this weekend Richard, sorry it was a short visit. That traffic is a killer!!

Hope we got you all set up. I thought of 2 other things I wanted to give you... the hood light off the 91 (since you have the wire harness for it) and the cable that goes to the starter.... I found the starter and all while cleaning today. Guess I can mail those down to you sometime.

I don't know if your starter would turn the 318 or not, but I would guess it would. The cable is probably the same as well.
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