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ODDBALL - 1999 MEX RamCharger AC Fill Requirements?

Started by AEV-Dave, July 10, 2017, 07:23:22 PM

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Trying to charge the AC on my 99 Ramcharger with rear AC.  Anyone have a Mexican Ramcharger that has the underhood sticker stating AC Charge requirements?  Looking for weight of charge and oil amount mostly.




I would start with 32OZ of r134 may need about 4-6oz more to get it right. PAg 100 was the norm for that year range, but if installing all new system with everything flushed pag 46 is fine. total oil capacity should be around 10oz. if you haven't flushed all the lines and cores I would only install around 4-5oz of oil in a new compressor
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Thanks,  turns out I still had the original sticker, you're pretty much spot on, calls for 40oz with the rear ac.