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Projects / Re: Mindy lots of pics (my 98 ram)
February 12, 2016, 04:20:17 pm
Well the motor has been rebuilt...  put in the 3" body lift... 35" tires should go on this next week... new grill is also on. pics will come once the wheels are on.

the motor is just a factory rebuild for now... money just been to tight and had to get it done.
Technical Help / 98 ram 4wd control arm measurements
February 03, 2016, 09:30:00 am
well I'm looking at doing a complete custom one off front suspension system for my 98 ram 4wd but I can't have it down for more than a day or two as it's my daily driver. anyway anyone out that has a set of factory control arms out of a 94-99 ram 1500-2500 or 3500. I could use measurements of the size of the bushings. I'm thinking about using the poly version of the bushings to make my new control arms as it's not much of an off road truck any more because there isn't any place close by to go. But I want it to be able to and for the money I think they will work just fine. Later on I might end up going to full hiem joints if I can but for now I'm sticking with poly bushings. and don't have any in hand to at least start planning further.

For now I'm hoping to make a set of long arms so that later if I ever get the funds I can do my dream setup of long travel coilovers.... But I do also plan on pushing the front axle forwards a little as I'm already running bigger tires (35" mickey tompson MTZ) for now but looking at running 37" with beadlocks in the next year or so.

That reminds me I need to update the projects thread with new info and pics... I'll try to do that later today or soon at least.

Misc for Sale / Parting out 99 dodge ram 1500 2wd
February 03, 2016, 09:12:41 am
well as the title says I'm parting out my parts truck as that is what I got it for. The motor is going in my 98 for now so I can rebuild my stock motor. The trans is no go.  The hood, fenders, doors and all are pretty much just extras in case I mess mine up. bed and rear axle are more than likely going to go into a truck bed trailer as I kind of need the cash for another item I'm in in major need for... LOL well all the wiring and small parts are up for grabs if you need something let me know... I pulled every nut and bolt out of the full truck the fuel tank all lines and wires everything... now the dash was toast when I got the truck and I already had someone claim the headlights as they hit a deer last month.

anyway let me know if you need anything... as I'll at least look...  mostly looking for shipping to be covered on most anything. Just hate to see  anyone  pay high prices for something I have sitting here.

But I am looking for a spare set of  control arms for my 98 4wd. so I figure out how I'm going to do my custom ones while my truck stays on the road then place the new ones in and I can return the factory ones if wanted. Heck I think even measurements would work work for me.

anyway let me know if you need any wiring, sensors or the likes I'll see what I have. maybe even a few small body panels if I still have the rest of the cab...
Vehicle Help / Re: help me build my 408 stroker
December 16, 2015, 05:03:50 pm
I was think about doing the m1 intake but having a hard time finding one for my motor.  Ryan recommended either the m1 or the air gap.

As far as bearing I ment like tensioner pulley bearing and all on the front of the motor... Sorry guess I didn't explain that very well...

My radiator and all should be good But I might try a flush and cleaning or just look at it with the camera I just got. So I'll stick with the standard flow water pump.

Motor comes with a high flow oil pump standard.

As far as the oil pan I'm mostly thinking extra fluid more than anything to help keep everything cool... And I might add the oil cooler setup I have as I already have it...

Vehicle Help / Re: help me build my 408 stroker
December 15, 2015, 03:53:43 pm
ok guys as You had mentioned and all and I'm not sure if I updated this thread or not I have found a company that is going to build me a full long block 360 with EQ heads  with the larger 2.02 valves and moly rings and a comp cam 20-604-9....  then the programmer and new intake mainfold.

what intake manifold would you guys recommend?

Now i'll be getting the full long block for $2,500 shipped to the house. Now with it being a long block I'm planing on replacing all the bearings on the front. new T stat and water pump. should I go high flow water pump?

Thinking about doing a few oil pan modifications while it's off and adding a more capacity what do you guys think?

I'm simply planing on doing everything I can to make this motor good for as long as I can without working on it again. that way I can save funds for a transmission, lift and tires...

Vehicle Help / Re: help me build my 408 stroker
December 06, 2015, 04:00:53 am
wow I guess I'm either to picky or to clueless as to what I really need or want ion the motor. so I guess I'm going to end up doing the full motor swap from the 99 then tear the factory 360 down and see what parts I need and what the best parts I can put in it are... Just hate the idea of going from the 360 to a 318... But O well  then I've got time to do an all a true motor /trans build. because I know I'll build more motor than the trans will handle.  Might even end up building a trans build myself so I know everything that goes into it like I do the rest of the truck. as is I know every nut bolt pretty much.  or at least I like to think I do...LOL
Vehicle Help / Re: help me build my 408 stroker
December 02, 2015, 09:11:36 am
Looks like I have the trans rebuilds figured out... Lol everything I read about Martians trans I can't get better... And I have a spare core I can send him... Lol to keep mine driving down the road.
Vehicle Help / Re: help me build my 408 stroker
December 02, 2015, 08:51:18 am
None of my trucks have had or have roller rockers from the factory. They have all been stamped steel. I was thinking a factory ratio just for less friction.

I was thinking about redoing the trans as I'll already have the motor out...
Vehicle Help / Re: help me build my 408 stroker
December 02, 2015, 08:19:16 am
Ok cool so the 1600 on the heads isn't bad... It is a full brand new setup.

The motor in the 99 was changes or so I was told. I was told,it was swapped to a 360 never even looked at the vin other than to see it was there.. Lol the truck is already pieced out pretty much. Stripped the front clip off including all eletrical only thing left to pull the motor is the trans bolts and torque converter bolts. The rest is done. The interior is also fully stripped out.  Toke me about 8 hours to get it this far..

I'll look into redoing the block... Would you bore it or leave it stock?
Vehicle Help / Re: help me build my 408 stroker
December 02, 2015, 06:00:56 am
I did send Ryan a email and for a reply from him and at this point he is saying the same thing that you guys said... Stick with the 360 not stroke it... Lol I was looking forward to a 408...lol. Well guess we will see what happens. Going to start buying parts as soon as is get the exact items listed... Lol I'm thinking right now I will simply take the head off the other motor out of the 99 and put it on mine to keep it simple and so I can collect all the parts at once....
I might do the motor swap for now but I'm pretty sure the motor in the 99 is a 318 instead of the 360 I was told it was... So if I would not be able to build it in place of my motor.

So what do you guys think motor swap while I collect parts and built the 360 or swap the head and keep it simple for now until the parts are all here?

Seams kind of hard to figure out what I should do. I am kind of leaning towards keeping my factory motor in and collecting parts.... I.e. heads, cam and lifters to install all at once. I think I should be able to do the full motor build in a week. With all the parts on hand.

Knowing me if I get the intake I'll install it and run it until the rest of the motor is ready...lol

Ok below is pretty much a few quistion I ask Ryan so let's see what you guys say as well.

What intake would you guys run?
Head? In know the EQ heads but I have no place to do any changes like larger valves.
Trottle body?
Roller rockers?
Would you rebuild the rotating assembly as it has 223k miles?
Bore or just clean up/hone, new bearings?

What about Trans upgrades?  I believe mine's never been touched other than guild changes.
Shift kit? I have been looking at a trans go shift kit I think they called it a stage 2 With valve body and all.
Torque converter?

The exact heads I'm looking at right now will be built to my cam specs and everything ported and polished larger valves and roller rockers fully setup ready for dropping on my block and max is something like $1600. So I guess you can say my budget is flexible. Heck if I could get the EQ heads and have them worked over near one of you guys and then shipped to me for less I would do it.... Might even see if my step dad's mechanic shop has access to a shop that can do it for cheaper.

Vehicle Help / Re: help me build my 408 stroker
December 01, 2015, 02:56:20 pm
well leak down test showed exactly what I expected the exhaust valve is toast on cylinder 6. so I called the machine shop and he no longer does oversized valves so can't do the 2.02 valves in this head so time to look at getting the better heads... suggestion?
Vehicle Help / Re: help me build my 408 stroker
November 24, 2015, 02:37:44 pm
well headers are on and have been for a few days now. still have not had much time to do much else.... really need to get a bleed down gauge setup and al and try to figure out where #6 is loosing pressure.

Never had a motor have a miss before so this is all new grounds to me. never had a dodge with motor issues...LOL
General Discussion / Re: RCC? Back after over a decade!
November 23, 2015, 01:20:15 pm
Wow man I remember when you broke your axle it was one of my favorite site stories of all times... I went by saw960 back then... Been a few other green names as well as a new truck but this is mostly the same group that rcc was back then...
Just saw this thread figured I would put a plug in for my step dad's shop in McKenny Mccormicks garage... He works on anything and has been in business for over 30 or 40 years now if interested on me and I'll give you the number and all... Otherwise no big deal...
Vehicle Help / Re: help me build my 408 stroker
November 18, 2015, 04:50:09 pm
Just a note for anyone else out there thinking about doing headers on a stock magnum 360 get the head studs ahead of time... Mine are 5/16 18.... And normal bolts will not work. At least not on the headers I for the head hits the exhaust pipe...