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General Discussion / Happy Trails KeystoneSmooth :(
October 07, 2016, 06:52:06 am
A terrible accident occurred yesterday. An incredible life was lost for no good reason and we will all be a bit incomplete from this day on. Lance was 30 years old and has a beautiful wife (Samantha) and a darling little boy (Barrett). Unfortunately one poor decision was all it took to end a wonderful persons most excellent life.

Lance lost his life in a motorcycle accident some time after midnight while riding to a spot that brought him peace and where he could clear his mind. He never arrived and was not found until the following morning. He will be greatly missed.

Lance was like a brother to me and there will always be a spot in my mind that can never be filled. He was truly one of the best, nicest and most genuine people I have ever met. Many prayers are needed for all his family and friends.

Happy Trails Lance ...  there are awesome trails in heaven :(
Other Outings / Tech weekend...
July 06, 2015, 09:43:29 am
We are going to be turning wrenches on our beloved beasts fro Thursday to Sunday.  All are welcome  :thumbsup:
Projects / Full speed ahead Scotty!
May 01, 2015, 02:31:18 am
Well the dodge bug has bit again....this time requires a short weekend trip to Montanna... Leaving today should be back sunday with the goods  :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: (26+ hours on the road)
General Discussion / Dodge front end loader?
March 23, 2015, 04:44:28 pm
Great idea  :thumbsup:  :13:  :great:  :headbang:
Projects / ProjectPW '79 Utiline Build
February 26, 2014, 10:30:04 am
I have been building this truck for almost 15 years.  Dad has owned it since new off the show room floor! Here are some pics of the latest improvements :)

The Doubler was the main attraction on this overhaul
Vehicle Help / 1985 RC np208 and CAD questions
July 31, 2013, 06:18:58 am
my buddy Lance just picked up a nice 4x4 beater project RC. It is pretty rough but it runs and drives and will make an excellent toy. Is there any way to manually actuate the front axle CAD so that the axle is locked in @ all times? Is the vacuum hose snake that is on the transfer case vital to the operation of the transfer case?  keep in mind that this system appears to be completely jacked as far as the vacuum system is concerned and it will be used off road only. thanks for any input guys!
We need to have about 3-4 competitive events to let everyone see how their rigs stack up- events should be spit up between 2 days

#1: HILL CLIMB( day1) - I am thinking a timed run up the green miles 2 steepest sections- if you stop you are disqualified quickest to the top wins

#2  SLOW CRAWL (day 2)- Crawl down Green mile- slowest time wins- if you stop you are disqualified- we will do this

#3  OBSTACLE COURSE- NO POINTS FOR SPEED! we will need to pick a trail and mark off a bout 3 or 4 good obstacles with cones-   
   there will be an easy line and a hard line- more points for the harder line- no points for hitting a cone on an obstacle

#4 ??????- all input appreciated lets see what we can up with

non competitive events should include two organized trail rides for everyone to go out and play
Day 1- fence line run- all level 1-3 stuff with bypasses
Day 2- tower run-  for all those photo ops everyone loves-

Lets get some ideas out there and I will organize a schedule (yeah right...thats gonna work! :o)