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Dodge Destruction Details / Re: Fall 2019 outing
May 02, 2019, 04:52:36 pm
I'm down. Back in the saddle again.
News / Re: Forum template
May 02, 2019, 04:46:50 pm
Dam i'm kinda late. Ain't been on in awhile. Oct. 2018 i had right knee surgery. Torn medial meniscus. So that's two on left knee since 2001 and now the right knee. Was down from work 6 week's. Still hurt's. I work in steel toes on concrete all day, and up and down on a forklift. Left knee is full knee replacement when i'm tired of the pain and the occasional cortisone shot. Dr. say's let me know, and i'll make everything go  Seem's right knee going down the same path.  Yeah it sucked using a walker and all the sitting at
Dodge Destruction Details / Re: Fall Outing
May 24, 2017, 05:12:17 pm
If you don't mind a 4x4 conversion Cherokee bringing up the rear. I should be able to go. My Dodge or Dodge's wont be ready till next year. About the time i turn the big
General Discussion / Merry Christmas......
December 25, 2015, 04:53:55 am
 Hope all my friend's on here, even the one's i haven't met yet have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Gettin my truck running at the end of April. Hope to catch yall on the trail's after  :headbang:
Looks like yall had lots of fun. Glad everyone made it home safely.  :steeringwheel:
Will do. Once i get it running im gonna trim my bed all the way around just leaving the floor in with about a one inch lip. Then i can repaint the cab.
Cant make this trip, so yall all have fun, I will have to make one of the other trips. This Thursday i'm having my Dodge hauled to a shop to see what the hell is going on. Looking forward to getting it back on the roads and trails.
General Discussion / Re: We still need a logo, don't we?
February 08, 2015, 09:17:03 am
I like it too  :hello:
Ooops my bad Ron. That's right i had just read you got a 97. Dammm there goes my short term
Good luck to her in her rodeo's Ron. My way back ex use to ride barrel's so i got the pleasure of learning all about horse cooling down, bathing and cleaning stall'  For very knotted main's and tail's drop a little Downy fabric softner on them. Makes everything come out silky smooth and smell's pretty damn nice too.
Haven't done anything with my Dodge yet. Still sitting at the storage lot. Last week had the rear drum brakes changed on the Cherokee and had to replace one wheel cylinder under warranty. I bought a Firestone lifetime rear brake package about 4 years ago when i got the XJ from dad. Iv'e done drum's myself in the past and i just think there a pain in the ass at this point in my My big score is i've been searching for conversion part's for the XJ and finally found what i been looking for. Small shop in Pearland has some parted vehicles in back. They pulled the engine out of a 99 4x4 XJ recently. I bought the already pulled 4wd shifter, AW-4 tranny, transfer case, driveshafts everthing still mounted together for $450. Noticed that year XJ was the last year of the front HP Dana 30. Offered him a $100 for that which he accepted. I've seen them at salvage yard's in the weaker low pinion version for $300 so i think i scored a good deal. They also have a 2001 Grand Cherokee 4x4. I'm grabbing the knuckles off of that to do the big brake conversion on my XJ. It will allow my XJ to have cross over steering and one inch bigger rotors and dual piston caliber's in the front. Let me know if ya need anything off that GC Ron. I think it's the same as your 99. I'm not sure what engine is in it though. 
Vehicle Help / Re: 1991 RC rust issues
December 28, 2014, 02:00:03 pm
I took vacation day's for this up coming work week and will be flying back in to Hobby Jan. 2nd. Whenever ya want to make a road trip Skip let me know.
Vehicle Help / Re: 1991 RC rust issues
December 07, 2014, 06:01:02 pm
yes im ready when you are  :steeringwheel:
Vehicle Help / Re: Ruff Stuff promo codes
November 05, 2014, 05:30:00 pm
I like some of there stuff as well. I plan to get there XJ frame stiffener for the middle of my cherokee frame. I bought my rear frame stiffeners from H.D. Offroad Engineering and the two pieces are sitting in storage for Need to buy the front also. H.D.E. also makes a bolt on XJ shackle relocation bracket kit that is on the to do list. I'm going to cut out the floor in the cargo area of my XJ. Drop in the gas tank skid and then the gas tank. Make a top piece to clamshell the tank and raise my filler hose up. Will have a high clearance rear end then. I can then use the shackle relocation kit and stretch my wheelbase out in the rear without fear of the axle catching the gas tank.
The vid's playing now for me. Must have been a  Good stuff in those vids  :headbang: