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Today I might finnish the RC trans R&R

Started by Gohot, July 25, 2014, 05:35:26 am

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Well it's been a little over a month since my trans went south. It had started last year when I started driving again as I had finished putting a new motor in my 2x4 RC. During the winter it would take a while to engage and take off, and it whined fairly loud. Then on a trip to the VA clinic a month and a half ago it just took a dump about a couples from the VA on my way home. Fortunately I had bought a trans a while back that had been rebuilt with all the good stuff and a shift kit. Having recently pulled the motor to do a front seal and then ultimately putting new gaskets on the long block throughout and a double row chainset, and reinstalling it, I was burnt on R&Ring stuff. I just couldn't wrap my head around R&Ring anything again. Finally last week I pulled the driver header and starter and that's how it set up until yesterday. Well yesterday wasn't too hot, so I started about 8am and started pulling bolts and linkage and shield and all the rest. Dropped the trans easily enough and popped the rebuild in place and trans-jacked it up into place. Not bad considering the trans jack was on lawn/dirt. It still rolled well enough. Well it's all up in place and re-installed. All that's left is the top two trans bolts and the filler tube and the one header and starter. I just could not find the mental umph for the longest time to do the work, but once down on the ground yesterday, I just kept plugging away at it until my camo T shirt was wringing wet....literally. Don't ask for pics, I cant find my digital usb port cable, so I didn't bother filming the event.

Well thank god My Dodge Van saved the day, er... (month & a half) with a set of wheels, but then again my B250 Cargo is the most reliable vehicle I'v ever owned.
And My Daughter is finally moving out............... and at 27 it's about time, though we got along fine, I'm glad she made the jump into total independence. Looks like it might be a great weekend............. Got my fingers crossed....... then I'll hook the battery back up and go sample the shift kit performance... :).

The War Wagon

You still have more "umph" than me  :icon_salut:  - I'm at that age, where I PAY someone to drop a transmission!

And how did some young man not run off with your daughter to the wedding chapel the day after she turned 18?!?!  :o   Glad to hear she's making your nest empty... just wish someone OTHER than Oboingo was heading the nation - I'm sure the economic outlook would be better for 20-somethings under J. Fred Muggs at this point.  ::)
Restoring/building a War Wagon - good advice ALWAYS welcome!
Restoring/building a War Wagon - good advice ALWAYS welcome!


Amen Gohot, sounds like you really got after it.  :thumbsup:

When I get a new project, there's always a point where I wonder what was I thinking?  I know that once I'm driving it, i won't even remember the hardships I went through.  :13:
"You may all go to Hell and I will go to Texas" - Davy Crocket
"You may all go to Hell and I will go to Texas" - Davy Crocket