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91-93 automaitic steering column needed

Started by trailduster.dave, September 19, 2012, 11:10:57 am

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i need a column and wiring under dash for 91-93. 2wd automatic or a tan interior doner truck would be ok too. no motor or tranny is fine. while i am at it here... any nv4500 gas 2wd units around?? 

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I have a steering column, dash, and should have all the wires too.

It came off the white 91 you saw/ helped with at ramjam.

I sold the door panels to Jim and the seats and center console to Richard.

The front fenders and hood went to Sam (I think).

The truck I am keeping and throwing a 92 Magnum in it. But I am also taking the interior out of the 92 so I have spares.
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